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Photo and Video Rental

Imperial Kings is home to many different horses. From our extremely calm Fjord horse that can have designs cut into her hair, to our magical minis and our magnificent fairytale stallions, we have the perfect horse for your photography or video project! 


Our horses have been featured in a Wedding magazines and cover of a Modeling Magazine.

Contact us today to rent a horse for a photo shoot or video.

The Mini's
$50 Each Horse (per hour)

Both Cashmere and Angie are great little (nearly white) mini’s who love photoshoots and can go just about anywhere and do shoots with anyone. Cashmere is our unicorn. She has a gorgeous long mane and tail and will stand for hours for your photoshoot. She can be sat on by little children. 

Angie is our trick pony! She can rear and Capriole (jump into the air) and lay down. She has adorable shorter hair that can be put in fun hairstyles. While she can’t be ridden, Angie is a hoot to shoot!







Pasture Pals
$150 Each Horse (per hour)

Peaches, Freya, and Gwen are our steady Eddies! They are all super sweet and calm and all are in our lesson program, teaching people of all ages how to ride. 

They are all very unique horses and rare horses, especially in Utah. 





The Stallions
$350 Each Horse (per hour)

Titan and Legend are our Regal Stallions. They both are absolutely stunning with their unsurpassed fairytale looks. 

Because they both are young stallions, we only allow them to be ridden by people with past horseback riding experience (if you're interested in using either for a riding shoot a free riding consultation will be given before the shoot).  With that being said, they both can still be used for shoots with people on the ground or sitting on him (While he is standing).  





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