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New Pastures and Barns

The past week has been full of excitement and beauty! Chex, Cashmere, Angie, and Freya got to Frolic (but mostly graze to their heart's content) on a beautiful pasture in gorgeous Peoa (the prettiest little valley in Utah). I don't know about you but there are a few places that I have been too that take you worries and stresses away. It could be that the only sounds you can hear are from nature, maybe the light breeze bringing the scent of clean air, trees, and moving water, or possibly somehow the land is just blessed. All I know though is that it is a special place.

Jasper has been growing up too fast! He is so beautiful and somehow so beautifully proportioned, and not to mention his incredible movement! He just glides over the pasture whenever he firsts gets out or gets a new friend to play with.

He especially enjoys playing with Chex (our POA pony). Chex puts up with all his shenanigans even plays with Jasper. I have been so amazed to see how all my horses have treated Jasper. They all have been patient with him and soft, trying to teach him what is acceptable and not, even when he is full of energy and excitement.

Lastly, I couldn't be happier with how Titan has settled into his new stables (Summerhill Equestrian).

Titan is the happiest he has been all year! It was really rough at the beginning of this year. Both Titan and my other Stallion, Legend, were both at my stables and Titan started acting anxious and aggressive while in his stall to my other Stallion which was super out of character since he had been around many other stallions before and gotten along really well.

Each month it got worse and worse to the point that all Titan would do all day was pace his stall and pin his ears in the direction Legend was even though he couldn’t see him.

He ended up losing a lot of weight no matter how much or what I fed him.

I had a few friends go to a clinic of a trainer named Jeremy Watt and it reminded me of the time I watched a liberty exhibition he did that was very impressive. I reached out to him to see if he could help (because at that point I was concerned about Titans health and thought I might have to geld him) and Jeremy definitely did!!

Within a month Titan was happy, respectful, and relaxed and I have learned an immense amount about young stallions.

Being able to take him out and do fun styled photoshoots again has made my month! My good friend is getting married in a month so we did a bridles photoshoot with her and Titan and I couldn't love how the photos turned out if I tried!

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