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About Titan

2014 Warlander Gelding standing at 16.2 hh

Titan is an incredible example of the Warlander breed. Warlanders combine the best of both

magnificent baroque-style horses, the Friesians, and Andalusians.

Titan’s “Prince Charming” personality enchants everyone who meets him.  His generous, hardworking and gentle nature is endearing. Titan is currently training in dressage and liberty. He naturally holds his head nobly, is very athletic and naturally drawn to people, which has made working with him a complete dream.

Titan gives his all when working and does everything he can to please you.

Titan is innately confident and stunning and loves the adoring attention he receives.
All of Titan’s gaits are bold and powerful. His canter is rolling and uphill.

Titan has been blessed with a gorgeous, shining coat, and a lavish,

bountifully long and thick mane and tail that both reach the ground!

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