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Moriesian Foal Jasper

Early in the morning this Wednesday (June 10, 2020) our beautiful Colt, Imperial's Jasper was welcomed into our stables.

Dam: Peaches (registered name Brownstone Sierra's Muse) our stunning Palomino Morgan mare

Sire: Legend (registered: Tsjip Fan North Ster) our Incredible STER Friesian Stallion

It seemed as though Peaches wanted to be fully in controll of her birth. She was not due for another 10 days so we were planning on taking her into the vets the very next day to give birth. She gave birth in the pasture right next to the road so that some early morning walkers were able to watch her in labor. Luckily we came out about 15 minutes after she had given birth so we were able to watch and meet Jasper as he took his first steps.

Peaches is the perfect mother and is so proud of what she had made, that for the first two days, everytime any person or car stopped by she would push little Jasper up the hill to show him off to everyone every time.

Jasper already is showing the best traits of both his parents, he is attentive, a quick learner, holds himself nobly, and loves to play (especially like his sire).

Jasper is Moreisian (a very popular cross between a Morgan and Friesian). Both the Friesian and Morgan are well known for their Trainability and love of people. The Moriesian cross gets Stamina and the Versatility of the Morgan horse and the Nobility and Charisma of the Georgious Friesians.

*Photo of Jasper's Sire, Legend

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