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New Friesian in Town

We couldn't be more excited to welcome home “Wallenda from Gemini” over these past few weeks!

She is a magnificent young Friesian mare out of a AA Model Mare and Alert 475, and in foal to Hessel 480! We have been looking to find a Friesian mare for a while now, even looking overseas, but everything fell right into place with her. She is super Kindhearted, Impressive, and Affectionate.

It was almost magical the day she came to our stables, The weather was terrible as we left to pick her up from Young Living Friesians (she was transported there from Michigan) the snow was so strong at times we could barely see in front of us. As we came into Mona valley the skies were opened up and it was blue skies all around.

We were a bit shocked when we went up to meet her, she was huge! I still need to measure her but she has the largest spirit! She was a gem getting right into the trailer and we quickly headed back home. When we got on the freeway, we drove right back into the dark grey storm. I am so grateful I didn't have to do the driving because I would have white-knuckled it the whole time.

Amazingly when we arrived back at the barn the skies calmed and it was blue skies again.

She was excited to see the new place and meet all the new horses.

Wallenda has settled in nicely at the barn and Peaches has already become attached to her. This week I took her and our mini Angie to Utah Lake to take some fun-styled photos with an incredible photographer from Texas, a stunning model, and a marvelous black dress. This was the first time that I took her to a new place and was excited to see how she would do. She was a bit nervous being on a beach (probably for her first time ever) but the model handled her with patience and calm which made these shots possible!

Angie of course was an absolute pro! She is practically a big dog and isn't afraid of anything or anyone. She was perfectly adorable for all her pictures and at the end of the day, She and I laid down in the sand and cuddled for a few minutes while getting treats.

We have an exciting month coming up at Imperial Kings Stables! We are nearly finished with our new Equisafe fencing around our Arena, we have two new shoots with Titan and Legend, we are adding 4 new acres in Lehi to our stables, and we are a whole month closer to all 4 of our mares giving birth (all due right May). Khaleesi (Arabian mare), Dolly (dun Quarter Horse), and Freya (Fjord) are all in foal from Legend and we can't wait to meet all these new babies!

I have been thinking about doing a giveaway in the next few months and would love to get your feedback on what you would want! Drop your ideas down below.

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